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About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Meramec Group is to build a strong and thriving business that will enrich the lives of our customers, employees and shareholders alike. We build our business on the foundation of providing the best-valued products and services available to the market we serve. We define VALUE as a combination of innovative quality products, backed by professional support services, delivered on time at competitive prices.


The Meramec Group is a privately held corporation with roots dating back to 1952 when Harold H. Dieckhaus founded the original sales company. It remains a private, family owned business today. The Meramec Group is headquartered in Sullivan, Missouri where it maintains a manufacturing plant and its North American sales office. In addition, the Meramec Group maintains a manufacturing plant and full service sales office in the city of Panyu, China. Meramec has earned a worldwide reputation as a leader in integral-skin polyurethane technology. We deliver top quality products by utilizing modular manufacturing techniques, quality monitoring, process controls, and a knowledgeable, customer oriented sales staff.

Product Development & Innovation

We are proud of our reputation for developing innovative product and service solutions for our customers' ever-changing needs. By controlling the entire development process (including a vertically integrated manufacturing operation) we are able to maintain complete customer confidentiality. Our design center utilizing CAD/CAM, internal mold manufacturing, in-house testing laboratory, on-site PU formulation development and blending, customized machine development, and comprehensive international sourcing partnerships all contribute to our primary mission of providing value solutions for your needs.

Experience – Delivering innovative solutions and quality products for over 50 years.

Service – Receiving products on time and being able to speak to a knowledgeable person when you need help.

Comfort – Cushioning solutions to make everyday life more comfortable.