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Empac Group - sheltered workshop

Meramec Group is very proud to be a part of the history of Empac, and recently donated mats for staff and employee use at their facilities in Sullivan and Washington.  For more information regarding the polyurethane mats manufactured at Meramec Group in Sullivan please visit the website

Here are the names for the group Picture Bruce Stuesse and Terri Miller from Meramec Group, with Eric Giebler, CEO and Dennis Hulsey of Empac in Sullivan. 

A bit of history:

In September 1988, Sheltered Industries of the Meramec Valley, Inc. was established for the purpose of providing vocational opportunities for people with disabilities.  Upon opening, the workshop employed 17 client-employees.  The first work consisted of building shoe boxes for Meramec Industries.

Robert Dieckhaus, Karen Bazdresch, Ted Newton, and Gerald Douglas from Meramec Group joined Randy Bailey, Edward Link Jr., Patrick Donnelly, Don Killian, Carolyn Douglas, Alvin Siwak, Louella Emory and Gordon Baxter on the original Board of Directors.  

In 2013 They merged with Washington’s Sheltered Workshop and became Empac.