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MeraMAX® MX900 is specifically designed for the high performance demands of military boots. This tough and durable polyurethane elastomer outsole is lightweight, long-wearing, slip resistant, flexible, shock absorbing, energy returning, comfortable, heat and flame resistant, oil /solvent resistant, and hydrolytically stable. The US Army Soldier System Center has approved MeraMAX for US army hot weather boots. MeraMAX is also being worn by the Air Force and USMC. MeraMAX is available in a variety of molds and colors, custom molded programs or as a material system for footwear manufacturers with their own polyurethane molding equipment.


MeraMAX® MX945 is the workhorse elastomer for this family of materials. MX945 is a blend of advanced polyurethane compounds developed specifically to provide superior abrasion resistance, flexibility, shock absorption and slip resistance under the most extreme conditions. MX945 can be molded as a dual-density soling option with our Maxum-Lite® or Ultra-Lite® materials as a midsole. MX945 delivers the ultimate in comfort and durability in oil-resistant, hydrolysis resistant polyurethane soling for heavy industrial applications at a competitive price.

MeraMAX® materials are pure polyether systems which provide excellent hydrolytic stability.