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Life House Youth Center

We visited LIFE HOUSE YOUTH CENTER in Sullivan, and were happy to donate polyurethane mats for their kitchen area. Please visit their website at for more information about their youth center.

"Thinking back, who was that person who came along and encouraged you?" They want to be that for so many of the kids in our community who may not have that support and care. They have created an environment for children where they can begin to forge a path toward a better life for themselves. Caring mentors who actively and consistently participate in their lives will nurture the seeds for positive growth in the way of values, morals, life skills and confidence.
Life House Center is a not for profit center for kids to come after school, and in the summer. They provide a fun, structured, safe and loving place to spend time with their peers, to get a meal, get homework assistance, to learn a new skill or hobby, have wifi access, and assistance in finding resources they may need. Their doors are open to all children, whether they need services or not.