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MAXUM-LITE® materials are suitable for a wide range of environments from hot and humid conditions to extreme cold environments. The materials were developed specifically for long-wearing, shock absorbent performance. These oil resistant, single density polyurethane formulas are available in a variety of molded base colors and can be finished to meet your fashion needs.  MAXUM-LITE® materials can be molded in either net-fit or blocker units and all materials can be static dissipative.  All MAXUM-LITE® materials are pure polyether systems which provide excellent hydrolytic stability.

ML307HR is our highest rebound MAXUM-LITE® material designed to maximize energy return in midsoles and outsoles.

ML308 has a unique rubber-like feel that combines the slip resistant properties of rubber with a lightweight, long wearing single density outsole. ML308 outsoles are designed to provide the ultimate in lightweight comfort and slip resistance for service applications.  ML308 material can also be molded at higher densities for use as a high performance work boot outsole or a steel toe application.

ML309 is a lighter weight version of ML308 with many of the same properties.  ML309 can be used as both a fashion and service industry outsole or as a midsole in applications for dual density work boots or safety footwear. ML309 is an excellent option for midsole applications, providing superior flexibility and shock absorption. ML309 exceeds all requirements for US Military midsole applications.

ML310 is a single-density polyurethane material developed for ultra-light high-durometer fashion outsole applications that can be finished to meet your requirements.  ML310 provides stability and lightweight comfort for casual and dress sandal styles.