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Non-Footwear Products - All American Made

Our forte is integral-skin polyurethane foam.  All of our urethanes are flexible as opposed to rigid.  Our density sweet spot is 0.25 gm/cc to 0.65 gm/cc (16 lb./ft3 to 40 lb./ft3).  Our hardness sweet spot is 30 to 65 Shore A.

Why Integral-Skin Polyurethane?

Integral-skin polyurethane provides a rare combination of cushioning and durability.  It does this by forming a thin high-density layer at the “A” surface while maintaining a light-weight cellular interior.  This is all done in one continuous material.

Original Equipment Manufacturer Components

Meramec is a cost effective, reliable supplier of integral-skin polyurethane armrests, palmrests, cushions, bumpers, floor pads, seat cushions, and padded trim parts to North American OEMs in a variety of industries. We work closely with our clients on a confidential basis to develop padding for whatever they make - be it a chair, exercise machine, ergonomic device, tractor seat, therapeutic appliance, etc.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Meramec manufactures premium anti-fatigue mats exclusively for Wellness Mats ( and Smart Step Therapeutic Flooring ( the brands WellnessMats, Smart Step Flooring, and Tough Guy.