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Celebrating 60 Years of Innovation.

Providing the most innovative and cutting-edge products and custom polyurethane solutions for the footwear industry.

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PERSPAIR® UPPERS uppers-point-arrow

Perspair® technology guarantees lightness and strength for maximum breathability abrasion and cut resistance.

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Unique microcellular polyurethane formulation delivers unsurpassed comfort and performance.

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L-PROTECTION® protection-point-arrow

This revolutionary, puncture resistant and ultra lightweight insole material protects 100% of the entire surface of focus sole.

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MIDSOLES midsole-point-arrow

Pure polyether systems provide excellent hydrolytic stability and feature a low compression set for long-lasting performance.

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OUTSOLES outsoles-point-arrow

Long-wearing elastomeric outsole materials offer excellent hydrolytic stability, superior abrasion resistance, flexibility, shock absorption and slip resistance.

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Worldwide Leader

U.S.-owned and operated, Meramec is committed to providing value and service to our customers around the world.


Meramec's Green Team discuss and implement ways to make Meramec a more environmentally friendly company.

Custom Polyurethane Solutions

We create each of our custom formulations in house to meet our customers' precise specifications.