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Meramec's Green Team is a dedicated team of employees from all areas of the company who meet on a regular basis to discuss and implement ways to make Meramec a more environmentally friendly company.

Approximately 75% of Meramec's waste is recycled.

The Items we recycle are scrap polyurethane, metal, batteries, electronics, paper, and plastics. Even our coffee grounds are used for compost!

To make this possible, we have partnered with various organizations, including Systech Environmental Corp. The majority of our waste is shipped to Systech's Cement factory and used in their cement kiln in place of coal. One ton of our waste is equivalent to burning 1.1 tons of coal.

Since the program’s inception, we have shipped over 3,700 tons of waste to Systech, which saves them from burning 4,070 tons of coal. With 3,700 tons of trash kept out of landfills, this partnership is a win for Meramec, Systech, and the environment.

Check out Systech's website if you would like more information on their recycling options.

Environmental Program Summary

The Meramec group is committed to finding innovative ways to protect our environment, while providing quality products for our customers. Here are some of our recent initiatives.

Improve Energy Efficiency

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Install a small compressor that could run equipment on weekends so main compressor won't have to Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Replace existing office lighting with new high efficiency fluorescent light fixtures Completed
PARTS WASHING Replace tank type water heaters for parts washers with more efficient instantaneous water heaters Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Replace old HVAC unit with a new programmable high efficiency unit Completed
CHEMICAL MIXING Relocate powder mix room for improved efficiency Completed
PART MOLDING Replace low efficiency light fixtures with high efficiency light fixtures throughout the factory In Progress
SPRAY PAINTING Have JHF evaluate compressor motor and recommend ways to improve efficiency Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Analyze our energy usage and make suggestions to improve efficiency Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Replace dock doors with more modern better sealing designs to reduce heat loss Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Replace large gas fired space heater on the dock with more efficient hot water based space heaters Completed
PART MOLDING Utilize waste heat from large air compressor to preheat process water Completed
SPRAY PAINTING Install air compressor receiver tank and flow regulator to allow plant air pressure to be lowered several psi thereby reducing energy usage In Progress
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Lower Mold Tech compressed air pressure from 130 to 90 psi. Correct air leaks in the system In Progress

Improve Working Environment

CHEMICAL MIXING Review project status and safety procedures surrounding new blowing agent In Progress
PART MOLDING Reduce overspray particulate in IP from paint and mold release In Progress

Make Our Products More Eco Friendly

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Promote the EMS program on the Meramec website through postings and with press releases In Progress
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Work toward replacing listed blowing agents as well as catalysts and phthalates In Progress

Reduce Air Emissions

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Relocate the smoking break room from inside to outside the factory Completed
PART MOLDING Evaluate water based and other low-VOC mold releases Completed
SPRAY PAINTING Work with paint supplier to develop a lower VOC paint Completed
SPRAY PAINTING Work with paint supplier to develop lower VOC paints for IP Completed
PART MOLDING Build mold cleaning booth for IP to contain airborne particulate Completed
PART MOLDING Convert from solvent based to water based mold release in IP department In Progress

Reduce Hazardous Waste Generation

CHEMICAL MIXING Identify waste sources. Educate employees. Brainstorm solutions. Implement Completed
CHEMICAL MIXING Find buyers for excess and obsolete chemical inventory Completed

Reduce Landfill Waste Generation

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Reuse packaging materials such as bubble wrap as well as packing peanuts and corrugated cartons where possible Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Team with WITS non-profit to collect and recycle our old computers as well as monitors and cables etc. Completed
PART MOLDING Changeover shot bags are made of polyethylene and can be separated from the changeover shots they contain and be reused Completed
PART MOLDING Investigate feasibility of trash compactor to reduce volume of solid waste Completed
PART MOLDING Replace magic markers with more environmentally friendly china markers Completed
PART MOLDING Ship PU as well as plastic and all burnable scrap to cement kiln in Kansas City area to recycle the energy content Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Discontinue sending daily purchase order faxes - send electronically by email Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Issue monthly management and sales reports as PDF's and email them to the appropriate individuals Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Print UPS End-of-Day reports as PDF's and email them Completed
CHEMICAL MIXING Evaluate the need for distilled water versus tap water in the chemical department Completed
CHEMICAL MIXING Find recycling companies that can properly handle dirty steel and plastic pails Completed
PART MOLDING Buy isopropyl alcohol in drums instead of small plastic bottles Completed
PART MOLDING Donate off-spec. Klogs to Haitian relief effort Completed
PARTS WASHING Find recycling companies that can properly handle dirty steel and plastic pails Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bale incoming shipping cartons and send to Latitudes for recycling Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Install a reverse osmosis water filtration system in the office to replace bottled water Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Partner with recycling company to sort and recycle all paper waste Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Email material certificates of compliance instead of faxing them in In Progress
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Email timecard and production reports in lieu of printing copies Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Revisit emailing invoices to customers instead of printing and mailing Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Convert to coreless paper towels and toilet paper in all bathrooms Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Replace Styrofoam cups with paper cone cup dispensers in the factory at the drinking fountains Completed
CHEMICAL MIXING Buy chemicals in drums instead of pails when possible. Drums are easier to recycle Completed
PART MOLDING Reeducate staff about not replacing plastic bags in trash cans. Empty can contents while bag remains in place Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Educate employees about recycling their aluminum cans. Add aluminum can receptacles where needed Completed
SPRAY PAINTING Adhear to scheduled paint filter replacement Completed
CHEMICAL MIXING Buy chemical powder in paper bags instead of fiber drums. Easier to recycle Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Discontinue printing Wellness Mats PO's in favor of printing as a daily report Completed
BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Store UPS reports electronically instead of printing each day Completed

Reduce Water Usage and Wastewater Generation

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Replace inefficient toilets with new low flow models Completed