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The Ultimate Material For Shoe's Uppers

Perspair® technology guarantees lightness and strength, weaving directly into the fabric Super Fibers, such as Kevlar® PU Tek etc, for maximum breathability, abrasion and cut resistance in different areas of the same upper.

Perspair® high performance textile materials are addressed to manufacture high performing engineered shoe uppers for all kinds of footwear.

Perspair® is not a jersey or knit-based material. It is a reliable woven material produced with high tenacity polyester threads. Manufactured utilizing innovative combo technology which binds the fibers providing strength and integrity. Perspair technology gaurantees lightness and strength for maximum breathability, abrasion and cut resistance.

  • High breathability
  • Maximum abrasion resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Minimum fraying and cut edges
  • Good seam slippage resistance
  • Capability to produce small lots
  • Customized patterns at low costs
  • Reduced labor costs

Perspair® is eco-friendly

Combo technology can also utilize natural fibers, such as hemp, linen and cotton within the weaving pattern. 


Perspair® is innovative

Perspair® can include areas with various innovative woven technologies using high tech threads.


Sustainability and great performances. A combination obtained using blend of high tenacity yarns together with a majority of PET fibers regenerated from plastic bottles.

REPET Brochure

PolyTek Combo

The Combo technology bonds fibers together in a way that results in very high mechanical resistance properties.

PolyTek HD Uppers

Textiles with high-definition design effects are obtained with a high density of threads to achieve designs and patterns in High Definition.

PolyTek Padded

Three-dimensional effects for this line of fabrics that combine great resistance with excellent comfort of finished footwear.

MonoTek Aerated

"Aerated" are the uppers made with areas of great breathability thanks to the use of monofilaments combined with a unique technique, shaving yarns at the back to create, within the same upper-areas of high breathability with excellent mechanical characteristics.

Roll Goods

Technical textiles for shoe uppers made using though polyester high tenacity threads or monofilament threads with good resistance and options for designed patterns.


A new concept of high resistant textile made using though polyester high tenacity threads or monofilament threads for attractive high technical look.

Perspair® with Putek Technology

As strong as an armadillo skin

Perspair® with PUtek technology uses a revolutionary new concept of threads with super high resistance to abrasion directly woven in high resistance fabric. The PUtek thread uses a high tenacity polyester core where a PU shell has been coated. These textiles provide ultimate mechanical performance. Using Perspair Jacquard technique, any design can be developed using PUtek technology.

Laboratory tests show that if the most robust fabric has an average abrasion resistance of 51,000 cycles, the Perspair® with PUtek technology material reaches and exceeds 1 million cycles!

Perspair® with PUtek Spider

Perspair® with PUtek Roll Goods

Perspair® with PUtek Degrade