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L-protection is the new generation of puncture resistant Insoles. L-protection is a puncture resistant high tenacity fabric that delivers Comfort and Safety. L-protection provides total foot surface protection. This is possible because the L-protection fabric serves a dual purpose as the insole of your shoe. Fabric is much more comfortable because it is ultra-light weight, and offers flexibility that is not possible with rigid steel plates. Meramec Group is the exclusive supplier of material sold in the USA, Canada and mainland China. We have supply sources to meet your needs. All L-protection products are produced under the strict license and quality control standards of Lenzi Egisto SPA . Lenzi Egisto is the inventor of L-protection and has many patents pending on the product. GVT is the only factory in Asia that produces authentic L-protection anti-perforation textile. Click for English brochure PDF or Chinese PDF or visit